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I've always had a problem with the overall method of education that goes about in our paradigm. My main focus was the fact that teachers and professors grade students; why is that?
To gauge a student's performance, surely.
But why is it single-sided?
How so is it that educators are made into authority figures that, in most cases, abuse their power?

It's simple, these traditions are nothing but rules dictated by our flawed past.
This must change if we are to witness any global improvement in overall performance of students within all fields.

I personally believe that this problem can be easily remedied through a more "three-dimensional" grading system. One in which educators are allowed to grade students on their performance as usual, but also a system in which students are allowed to grade teachers, to gauge their performance.
This system would function, simply put, as such:
Students are allowed to grade their educators, and if they fall below a certain level, they would have to attend specific courses for alternating their teaching style, or whatever else might be wrong.

This, in my mind, can achieve mainly three things:
- Allowing a higher standard of educators to teach, since teachers would be conditioned into what the students prefer, rather than any standards set by their employment/method of teaching.

- A more "healthy" relationship between students and educators which would result in criticism-unity-criticism-esque system, hopefully allowing for the collective growth and improvement of all involved.

- Finally, it would restrict the authority that educators could abuse, allowing for mutual respect and, in certain cases, forced removal if specific educators overstep their moral responsibility (discrimination against students, whether racial or gender-related; general bitterness, etc.).
A little something I felt like writing this morning.
HailMyself Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2014
First thing they should do is stop teaching us and next generations things that we never ever freaking us in real life. That would be nice.
Kain-Moerder Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015   Digital Artist
I'm completely agree with you.

We spend _years_ of our lives learning useless information, and then we spend few more years at colleges/universities, learning another pile of useless information. Only 30-40% of all that stuff is helpful. The rest is completely useless.
Atamolos Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's an interesting video you may appreciate on the subject of capitalist education:…
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